5 Celebrity Lesbian Cougars with Their Younger Crushes

Most people think of someone from their own age group as their perfect partner. Interestingly, love has its own way of entering your life and catching you totally unprepared. That is the reason why you see age-gap relationships around you, with so many of them working perfectly. Interestingly, these May-December romances are becoming common in the gay world as well, especially with cougar lesbian celebrities falling for younger women.

Lesbian cougars are always on the prowl. They are poised, independent, experienced, practical, and sensual. By considering the statistics, it becomes more evident that LGBTQ people are more prone to having mature/young relationships as compared to straight people. If we take the online dating scene as an example, it seems that matchmaking outlets for lesbian cougars and those who adore them are becoming more and more popular. Younger lesbians from all over the world choose the wisdom and experience of these womento nobody’s surprise. And seeking them online became the most natural and safe way, considering all the opportunities the online dating scene brings today.

There is a reason why Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are the most favorite lesbian couple in Hollywood. What makes them special is how out and proud they are about their relationship. So here are some other lesbian cougars with their younger romantic partners.

Stephanie Allynne and TigNotaro

There is a 13-year age difference between Notaro and Allynne, but they look lovely together. Both are comedians, and it feels as if they have cracked the code of making each other laugh all the time.They met on the set of the movie called “In a World” and finally got married in 2015. Unlike pure cougar relationships where mature women keep having a new younger crush, the relationship between Notaro and Allynne still falls in the same category owing to their age difference. Interestingly, they now have twin sons, conceived using Stephanie Allynne’s eggs through a surrogate.

Sarah Paulson with Holland Taylor

The couple has an age difference of 32 years, but that seems to have no impact on how they feel for each other. It took more than a decade for them to finally realize how much they love each other. Paulson has dated Cherry Jones in the past, but she is now all set to write a new history with Taylor. The world got crazy after hearing that Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson are deeply in love. You can even find the sweetest tweets exchanged between the two. While their love for each other has garnered a mixed response, nothing stops them from being with each other. If you are also a cougar in love with a younger cub, why not express your feelings now and see how everything pans out?

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres (64) is in love with Portia de Rossi (49), an Australian-American model, actress, and philanthropist, and after sharing their story, the couple has now become America’s Lesbian Sweethearts. DeGeneres is truly one fine example of a hot cougar looking for the right partner because before she got engaged with Portia de Rossi, she was with Anne Heche. Quite interestingly, the relationship lasted for about three years, and it all came to an end when Heche decided to swing to the other side and found love in cameraman Coley Laffoon.

Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Michaels

Though Etheridge is no longer with Michaels now, her love affair does put you on the list of celebrity lesbian cougars looking for young love. They both were madly in love,and Michaels even decided to use “Etheridge” as her surname. They stayed in the relationship for nine years when Tammy Lynn discovered Etheridge’s alleged affair with Nurse Jackie co-creator Linda Wallen. She was devastated and became very vocal about how Etheridge played with her emotions. It was a sour ending, but Etheridge eventually moved on and got married to Linda Wallem, an American writer, actress, and producer.

Lauren Blitzer with Chely Wright

Talk about a mature/young lesbian relationship, and you cannot keep Lauren Blitzer and Chely Wright out of the list. Chely Wright, a country singer, was 44 when she said “I do,” and her partner was 10 years younger, Lauren Blitzer.Wright is still considered an early trailblazer for the members of the LGBTQ community because she was among the first country music artists to ever publically come out. Her bravery helped her find the love of her life, Blitzer, who is an author and LGBTQ civil rights activist. They got married in Connecticut.


There is no doubt that lesbians who date despite significant age gaps do not just challenge mainstream beauty standards, but they also change conventional relationship power dynamics. With celebrities joining the race, there is increased visibility for intergenerational gay relationships. Online dating platforms are also making it easier for anyone to try all sorts of relationships, including those involving younger girls and mature cougars. Nothing seems off-limits when you identify the best dating site because now you can put yourself right in the center of where all the action is happening. So, get inspired by those celebrities, be confident, and find your mature/young love.