5 Most Surprising Celebrity Hookups in 2021

When the dreadful and deadly coronavirus 2019 struck in the first quarter of 2020, much of the world was locked down. There was no chance to meet someone to flirt within the flesh. The coffee shops and bars were closed, lest people got infected. Social life and, worse, dating life (at least in the real world) were all kept on hold.

When activity in the outside world resumed somewhat, face coverings and physical distancing were required. Everybody had to wear their masks and be at least three feet away from everyone else. Nobody could show their smile and get touchy-feely with people they were mutually attracted to.

But as it turned out, no pandemic could stop romance from filling the otherwise-dangerous air. People who wanted to get intimate with like-minded individuals took to the World Wide Web to find, meet, and get to know their match virtually. They hit one hookup dating site after another in search of romance, and many found what they were seeking.

Then the vaccines came, and restrictions were lifted. Soon, people—including some of the world’s biggest names in show business—could go out (and all-out) again as they did in pre-pandemic times. Life was back to normal. Sparks flew once again in the physical world, and real-life romance re-picked up steam.

Here are five famous couples who hooked up in 2021 and gave fans a pleasant surprise:

#1- Adele and Rich Paul

Singer Adele is said to have gotten cozy with sports agent Rich Paul. They were spotted together during the National Basketball Association (NBA) finals in July. The outing is said to be Adele and Rich’s first public appearance as a couple.

Adele is regarded as one of the world’s best-selling musicians, with more than 120 million records sold. The Grammy Award winner was married to Simon Konecki, a charity entrepreneur with whom she has a son. She and Konecki are divorced.

Rich, meanwhile, is the founder of Klutch Sports Group. His company represents several National Football League and NBA stars, and it’s responsible for negotiating contracts for dozens of prominent clients, including LeBron James. In 2019 alone, the company brokered at least $1 million in contracts. Rich has never married, but he is the father of three children.

#2- Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles

Actress and filmmaker Olivia Wilde and musician Harry Styles seem to be making beautiful music together. They were first seen together in early 2021 when the Internet showed photos of them holding hands and looking happy at the wedding of Henry’s agent.

Olivia, who debuted as a director in 2019, first got married when she was in her late teens. Her husband was filmmaker, musician, and Italian aristocrat Tao Ruspoli, whom she divorced in 2011. She later had a relationship with actor, producer, and writer Jason Sudeikis, with whom she has two children. Olivia’s romance with Jason ended in late 2020.

Harry, meanwhile, is a member of One Direction, a phenomenal singing group regarded as one of the best-selling boy bands in history. There are rumors about him having a daughter, but these are unconfirmed.

#3- Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum

Actors Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum are good friends who have taken their relationship to a whole new level. Isn’t that awesome? The two, spotted together in a New York City restaurant around August, were said to be quite affectionate to each other. They now seem to be a full-fledged couple, and Channing closely follows Zoë’s official and fan Instagram accounts.

Zoë, whose parents are musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, is also a singer and a model. She and fellow showbiz personality Karl Glusman were married from 2019 to 2020.

Channing, meanwhile, is also a producer and a dancer. He and fellow showbiz personality Jenna Dewan were married from 2009 to 2018, and they have a daughter.

#4- Jennifer Garner and John Miller

Actress Jennifer Garner and restaurant-tech executive cum attorney John Miller have been seen in public together—again. The two were dating from mid-2018 through early 2020 but, for reasons only known to them, they went separate ways…until they came around.

Neither Jennifer nor John has confirmed the happy rumors about them, but there seems to be no need for that. Recently taken photos of them having a fine time together on the street in broad daylight already give fans a crisp and clear picture of something lastingly lovely that’s unfolding.

Jennifer, a multi-awarded film and television star, was married to co-actor Scott Foley in 2000 and, after three years, filed for divorce. She then married Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning actor Ben Affleck in 2005, but 13 years and three children later, she and Ben became officially divorced.

John, meanwhile, is a lawyer, the founder of CaliGroup, and the CEO of CaliBurger. His company provides technology-based solutions, such as gaming and robotics, to address inefficiency issues in the food industry. He was married to violinist Caroline Campbell, with whom he has two children.

#5- J.Lo and Ben Affleck

A couple from 2002 through 2004, multi-awarded stars Jennifer Lopez (famously nicknamed “J.Lo”) and Ben Affleck enjoyed public attention. They were also the two halves of the endearment “Bennifer”—a portmanteau of their names. They were engaged until, well, they weren’t. But more than a decade later, they’re officially back “on”!

J.Lo, a Billboard-award winner who was presented with the 2,500th Hollywood Walk of Fame star for her contributions to the music industry, was married to waiter Ojani Noa 1997-1998, and then to dancer Cris Judd, from 2001 to 2002. She later married singer Marc Anthony in 2004, with whom she has fraternal twins. She and Marc’s divorce was finalized a decade after they tied the knot.

Ben, meanwhile, as explained in #4 above, is previously married to fellow actor Jennifer Warner, with whom he shared three children. He would describe his divorce, which was finalized in 2018, as “a painful experience” and the biggest regret of his life.

But, as wise people say, all’s well that ends well. Ex-spouses Ben and Jennifer (Garner) are friendly with each other. When Ben, J.Lo, and the kids went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood this Halloween, Jennifer joined them for a bit.


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