Asian Celebrities Who Have Lived a Happy Life Together

Singles often have a specific ‘type’ when it comes to seeking prospective partners. If you’re drawn to Asian girls, you might have meeting places in mind – say certain bars or nightclubs – that are popular with an Asian clientele. But a more recommended option would be checking out digital dating outlets offering ‘Asian dating’ as either the main subject or a category among their menu of topics.

  1. Asian-Style Relationships

Firstly, it’s important to underscore what is under discussion when we use the catchall category of ‘Asian dating.’ This is the largest continent in the world, stretching from the east coast of the Mediterranean, through the massively populated Indian sub-continent, and through to the Pacific Rim. A more apt way of describing this form of interaction would be to break it down into its multitude of parts, covering everything from Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese dating, through Indonesian and Malaysian, and onwards to Middle Eastern dating. There are also some 1.1 billion Muslims in Asia, accounting for almost 40% of the total population. Those from more conservative communities will be less likely to be advocates of online dating, but many will be. The key to enjoying a fulfilling relationship with an Asian partner would be to do a lot of background research into their country of origin, discovering the social and cultural mores they adhere to. There is a fantastic range of freedatingsites dedicated to Asian romance, and these can also inspire you with conversational icebreakers with Asian singles – such as celeb gossip!

  1. Happy Asian Celebrity Couples
  • Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young

Jang Dong Gun is one of Korea’s most successful and highly-paid actors, starring in a string of successful movies, including Friends, Dangerous Liaisons, VIP, and Rampant. Ko So Young is a model and actress who was filming Love Wind Love Song in 1999 as a co-star to Jang Dong Gun. In-between takes, they felt attracted to each other and began dating. Rumors about their relationship were confirmed when the couple announced their engagement at a fan meeting in 2010. After the lengthy courtship, their marriage ceremony was suitably extravagant for Korean acting royalty.

  • Cha Ye-Ryun and Joo Sang-Wook

Cha Ye-Ryun is a Korean actress who has starred in movies, TV shows, and videos. While filming the TV series Glamorous Temptation, her path crossed with fellow actor Joo Sang-Wook, famous for many notable roles, especially Giant, a generational saga. The couple tied the knot at the Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul in 2016, joining the growing rank of ‘K-Celebrity’ couples.

  • G-Dragon and Jennie

Born Kwon Ji-Yong, G-Dragon is the stage name of a popular rapper and singer/songwriter, formerly leader of Big Bang, one of the biggest-selling boy bands on the plane. His solo album Heartbreaker became the best-selling album by a Korean artist, earning him numerous accolades. After first appearing in one of his music videos back in 2012, Jennie, of the girl band BlackPink, began dating G-Dragon. After dating surreptitiously for over a year, rumors have circulated that they are now a definite item.

As you’re getting to know a new partner, it’s always a good idea to keep the dialogue light and friendly. Checking out this information about Asian celebrities will provide you with a lot of scope for discussion. Whether you’re exchanging online messages or are arranging a liaison in the offline world, there will be many interesting topics. The above-named K-Celebs are all behind some instantly catchy pop songs, and any of these songs would make worthwhile additions to a romantic playlist to soundtrack your own first date.