Celebrities who are known as bisexuals

Some people enjoy sexual relations or even romantic relationships with members of both genders, and in certain cases, they openly state their affinities. Being bisexual is quite normal and pretty common, as exemplified by the number of famous people known to act in this way. It’s quite a big step for a rich and famous person to come forward and admit to being attracted to both genders, which is why all such stories are so fascinating to follow. In fact, many people are interested to meet bisexuals and learn more about this sexual orientation, either online or in real life.
Thanks to celebrities who publically spoke up about their bisexuality, we have some role models who can help us move this conversation along and normalize this type of dating preference.

About two-spirit sexuality

For some people, sexual attraction isn’t limited to only one gender, so they can’t be accurately classified as either heterosexual or gay. Bisexuality is not uncommon and has been noted historically in all societies, but in our culture, it is stilled viewed with judgment and disproval, even if some other cultures were much more open to it. For example, Native Americans considered gender fluid people to be ‘of two spirits’, and this term is coming back into use today. More people are harbouring secret fantasies about sex with both men and women than is usually assumed, but most of them keep such thoughts private. Famous pop culture personalities are just like the rest of us; so many among them had bisexual experiences and are willing to talk on the record about their sex lives without feeling the need to hide the thorny details.
Examples of famous bisexuals
Megan Fox
This beautiful Hollywood actress has opened up about her sex life, which is very complicated, to say the least. While she admits to being attracted to both sexes, she also describes herself as shy and insecure. She also stated that she distrusts men but has been in several heterosexual relationships with other celebrities, most recently with the popular rapper Machine Gun Kelly, while she never had a known liaison with a female.
Bella Thorne
After dating several fellow actresses, Thorne publically revealed her bisexual and polyamorous tendencies and engaged in open relationships with famous people. A few years later, she proclaimed herself to be pansexual and continues to be on the liberal edge. She shocked everyone and outwitted blackmailers who were in possession of her nude photos by publishing them voluntarily and without shame. In this way, she reclaimed her body and set a shining example of accepting one’s flaws.
Daniel Newman
It is even more difficult for male celebrities to come out as bisexual, so the courageous decision by Daniel Newman in 2017 made a lot of headlines. The actor is actively involved in promoting tolerance towards LGBT persons and human right causes, putting his own romantic choices into a broader social context and helping others deal with their sexual identity, for which he deserves the utmost respect.
Cara Delevingne
Famous British model and actress has never hidden her wild side and has long declared as bisexual or pansexual. She was in public relationships with gender fluid musician St. Vincent, as well as actress Ashley Benson. Never the one to shy away from controversy, Delevingne has a reputation as one of the most forthcoming people in the public eye when it comes to discussing bisexuality and LGBT-related topics in general.
Jason Mraz
A famous pop/country star wrote a poem to the LGBT community in 2018, stating that he is bisexual and that he supports the rights of all queer people. It is not surprising considering his alternative lifestyle, which also includes veganism and yoga. Curiously, he admitted to having sex with men while he was in a heterogamous marriage, which is an especially brave thing to say publically, especially for a celebrity.
Billy Joe Armstrong
The frontman of the popular band Green Day has been clear about his bisexuality since the 1990s, making him one of the pioneers of this trend among the music stars. He spoke on the issue in the media many times, explaining his struggles with accepting his secret desires towards men. However, he also stated that he wouldn’t like his sexuality to overshadow his music work.
Both genders have publicly identified celebrities as bisexual, and their true number may be much greater than we know. Since they have millions of fans worldwide, their honesty can be extremely helpful to individuals trying to make sense of their sexuality. For once, celebrity culture could actually have a positive impact and inspire people to change their lives for the better.