Celebrity Couples Lovely First Date Stories

We often imagine that celebrities are some ethereal beings that are nearly beyond our comprehension as individuals. The truth is that they blunder through romance just like the rest of us. With that in mind, it’s a very good idea to look at the stories of celebrities and their first dates just to see how much their love lives resemble those of everyday people. 

Is it hard for celebrities to date without attention?

The thing about dating as a celebrity is that everyone knows who they are and wants to know about their personal lives. You can read stories about celebrities attempting to meet with a partner and that individual having their life scrutinized in an effort to learn what the celebrity is up to. The paparazzi are unrelenting, and many times, that has led to tragedy when the individuals would rather break up than face that hassle every day. That is why more and more celebrities have turned to other ways of seeking romance. For example, many well-known people admitted to using dating services. A number of them named Askme4date and a few other pretty famous platforms as a way to find a romantic partner without all the hassles that come with dating in person. For a celebrity, logging into such a platform is a simple and effective method to start a romantic interlude with new people based on where they’re living. By using a dedicated website, a celebrity obtains:

  • privacy;
  • discretion;
  • local-based dates;
  • the chance to work around their busy schedule;
  • anonymity. 

These are all elements of romance that people value, but they are not typically available to famous people. Instead, they are often faced with situations in which they have to choose whether to not be with people openly or to date fellow celebrities that understand. Not every romantic interaction is bad between celebrities and other people, though. We will take some time to go over some of the positive first dates that have been seen before and a few miscues. 

Kevin Sorbo’s First Date with Sam 

Kevin Sorbo and his future wife, Sam, had a wonderful first date. According to his book, Kevin Sorbo said he hit it off with Sam and knew that they were meant to be together almost from the start. That was back in the late 1990s, and the two have been together ever since. The two met on the set of Hercules and recognized that there was a spark. They were both minor celebrities at the time, but they continued to grow with one another as time went on. Now, they have a wonderful family together and continue to make films and write books. 

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas invited Sophie Turner out for a night of drinks at a popular club. She originally believed that he was not who he claimed to be, so she brought a bunch of friends. He eventually turned up at the club, and the two hit it off. Now they are married with a child! That goes to show you that sometimes a thing is not too good to be true, even if it comes in a package that looks like Joe Jonas!

Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen 

Giselle Bündchen was not always lucky in love, and she was tired of the dating circuit. So, she asked her friends to set her up on some blind dates with people. On the third and final blind date, she sat across from Tom Brady, and the two of them hit it off over drinks. That might seem hard to believe since Tom Brady is a notorious health-nut, but the two got talking, and now they are married with children.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Becoming friends is often a good way to start having a relationship. Reynolds and Lively met one another on a double date, but they were not each other’s partners. The two noticed that sparks were flying and then decided to pick up a relationship after the date ended. While that may have been unfortunate for their dates, it just goes to show you that love can be a very powerful force. 

Ben Affleck’s Forgettable Dating Attempt

Just recently, Ben Affleck was caught on a dating service trying to match with a woman. When he reached out to her, she decided to block him because she thought it was a scammer. In response, he sent her a message on social media asking why she unmatched. The story recently came to light, and it could be the beginning of a beautiful, hilarious first date in the future.