Dating and Relationships Around Celebrities

When you consider the most interesting relationships that are carried out, it’s necessary to examine celebrity entanglements. Their relationships are way too intricate and public to fly under the radar for long. We’re going to take a closer look at what you need to know about how celebrities date and the myths surrounding these sorts of romances.

How Does It Feel to Date Famous Stars?

People often wonder how it would feel to date someone famous. Some people may imagine it’s like the film Hitch, where enough love can help people overcome obvious differences. Others might think that they would just be overshadowed and be “boring” to a high-profile person. The reality is that every relationship is a little different, but celebrity relationships are starting to get unique hallmarks to them. As it turns out, celebrities are getting more comfortable using online dating services to directly meet romantic partners instead of relying on chance to bring them and a partner together. Such websites offer numerous benefits that celebs love, including anonymity, the ability to date people from any location and at any time, and a chance to leave behind their familiar surroundings. Many famous individuals have come out and talked openly about their success using online dating to meet new people. Sometimes, they’ll use exclusive dating platforms to increase their chances of meeting someone in their area of business. That has not always turned out well for the celebrity, such as the case of Ben Affleck embarrassing himself after being unmatched by someone. Other times, they’ll just use such services open to everyone to find a partner who truly understands them and does not come with the baggage of fame.

These People Gained Popularity Thanks To Their Celebrity Couples

When a celebrity starts to date someone that is not famous, the fame may rub off on their partner. This has happened in several cases where a “nobody” has gained some clout after debuting on the arm of someone famous.

For example, Patrick Mahomes is a sports celebrity with a fiancée Brittany Matthews, who had a small following for her fitness business. Now, she has over a million followers on social media platforms since being engaged.

Similarly, former 1D band member, Louis Tomlinson, got engaged to Eleanor Calder, a stylist. In late 2020, Calder’s Instagram account showed a whopping 3.1 million followers, and it’s clear that a lot of that is owed to her fiancé’s fame.

These are just a few of many examples of people who have managed to garner fame due to their partner being a famous individual. This is a common trend in Hollywood, but the fact remains that it is almost as likely for the non-famous half of the couple to remain out of the spotlight when these relationships occur.

Let’s Dispel Some Myths

Now that we have looked at the reality of these relationships and showed you some of the dating patterns familiar to celebrity couples, it is important to identify and dispel some myths about celebrities that date. Here are some of the most common myths and what you need to know to dispel them.

  • Myth: Celebrities only date famous people

We have already put some names forth to dispel this notion. The fact is that a lot of famous people don’t “make it” until they have been around the industry for years. During that time, they’ll have relationships that will support their efforts, and they could even end up married before they’re famous. If someone becomes famous relatively early in life, they might try to date someone famous to bolster their brand or to find someone relatable. Either way, many celebs are attracted to other famous people, but plenty of them date regular individuals, too.

  • Myth: Celebrities never date online

Celebrities apparently love to date online based on some of the stories coming out of Hollywood. They enjoy the privacy and the chance to find a romantic match without the difficulty posed by starstruck fans. In short, celebs date online far more often than most people would ever believe!

  • Myth: Celebrities always cheat

It seems like celebrities are always in trouble because they have wandering eyes or hearts. That can be an unfortunate symptom of working in an industry where people constantly get what they want. Still, many celebs lack the inflated ego and sense of self-worth that gives them the desire to cheat. That being the case, you should feel comfortable dating a celebrity if you have the chance. Don’t be jealous, and always be trusting.

These myths are just a few of the most common ones perpetuated in the present day.


Celebrities have complicated lives, so it is understandable that their dating perspectives are a little different than most people. Still, they are mostly just regular people that want to find love amidst the blinding limelight. If you find yourself dating a celebrity or judging one in a relationship, remember that it can be difficult.