Famous Couples Who Met Through Sex Dating Apps

Celebrities are just like the rest of us in more ways than you know. Just as regular people are becoming more likely to find a romantic match by using sex dating apps, so too are famous people. Not all of them just hook up with someone and then move on to the next partner, though. Some celebs stick together and end up married as a result of online dating. We’re exploring four famous couples who started their romantic journey on sex dating apps and then continued their relationship!

Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch

Famed comedian, Amy Schumer, has been very open about her experiences seeking love and navigating relationships. It came as no surprise that she was equally open about what led to the creation of her relationship with Ben Hanisch. Amy tried finding partners on many of the best sex apps for couples, specifically designed to help people with plenty in common meet and get down to business. Eventually, she settled on a website and started matching with people. Among them was designer Ben Hanisch, a man she was with for almost two years. This shows that online dating is a powerful way for single celebrities to find romantic partners that will last, even if they meet on a site that is configured to provide short-term outcomes. You might get better outcomes than you imagine any time you use a dating service.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens

Known as the GOAT, the famous Olympian Simone Biles actually met her now-boyfriend by using an online dating app. Little did she know, Owens is a professional football player with the Houston Texans. These two met just before the pandemic got serious in the U.S., and they have kept in touch ever since. The two are a cute couple, frequently posting loving pictures on their social media, and they could be heading to the lofty realms of matrimony!

Lauren Bushnell And Devin Antin

It’s not just older celebrities that are using dating apps to have some fun. Famous YouTuber Lauren Bushnell met up with Devin Antin by using an online dating site. She was previously known for her time on The Bachelor along with the follow-up television series that followed her and Ben Higgins to see if they were going to live together forever. Unfortunately, neither relationship worked out, but it just goes to show you that all sorts of people can meet on dating services, even if they’re not meant to last forever.

Ryan Lochteand Kayla Rae Reid

Another famous Olympian on this list that has found love using dating sites is Ryan Lochte. He met Kayla Rae Reid online, and the two fell in love amidst the tumultuous time that Lochte was facing from his legal issues stemming from the Olympic Games in Brazil. The two have stayed together ever since, getting married in 2018 and having two children together. They are an example of a powerful couple that found each other at the right time with the help of technology!They also prove that famous people can meet non-famous people and have a great experience with one another.

Finding fun dates as a regular person is simply a matter of using the right dating site at the right time. If celebrities with hectic schedules can manage to spend time looking for partners and having fun, then anyone can. It’s all a matter of making use of the right online dating service that helps you meet people with similar needs to your own. Whether that’s a casual date or something long-term, the digital realm is a helpful place to find your match. 

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