Megan Fox’s Secret Life – 15 Facts You Need to Know

Megan Fox is an award-winning Hollywood actress. She has appeared in major movie franchises such as the Transformers franchise and is a big face of music industry. She has also been featured in numerous model and fitness magazines including Rolling Stone, Maxim, and FHM. Fox is the recipient of several awards including four Teen Choice Awards and two Scream Awards.  

People are always talking about her and it isn’t always about her acting career. Most people wonder how Fox maintains an incredibly fit figure. They want to know, what does she do for exercise? How much workout does she do? Is she vegan and what is her favorite food? How does she stay slim?

Many questions have been asked about Megan Fox including her age, Instagram, YouTube, and net worth. Does she have a husband and children? This is another popular question. Some of these questions have been answered below.

How Does Megan Fox Stay So Slim? – Does She Even Workout?

To maintain her toned waist and bubble butt shape, Megan Fox doesn’t eat anything white or processed. Her diet is free of unhealthy carbohydrates including bread, chips, pretzels, and crackers. She once told E! Magazine that the worst thing she puts in her mouth is coffee, which she does once a day..

  • Fox’s slim figure isn’t only because of her good genes. She admits that it has more to do with her lifestyle than her genes. She strives to live a healthy lifestyle as reflected by her diet and workout routine.
  • Megan Fox doesn’t lead a sedentary lifestyle. She believes in having an active lifestyle. That means avoiding too much sitting down because prolonged sitting down is the leading cause of obesity. 
  • She exercises regularly to stay fit. She is one of those actors who set aside time out of their busy schedules to do some exercises.

What Does Fox Do For Exercise? – Does She Have a Daily Workout Routine?

Megan’s strength and muscle toning workout routine isn’t for the faint-hearted. Instead of long cardio sessions, she favors circuit training. This involves doing bursts of cardio and lifting heavy weights. Think high intensity interval training (HIIT).

  • Her workout regiment starts with a five-minute cardio warm-up. After that, she engages in lower-body bubble booty sculpting exercises which are thensoon followed by an exercise for toning her already perfected upper body. She then does an abdominal sculpting exercise routine and cools down for about five minutes.
  • This five-factor workout has helped Fox to maintain an amazing body. These exercises are intense but they don’t require complicated equipment or instructions. The key to succeeding with exercising is to keep things simple as Megan has done.
  • Megan has managed to remain consistent with her workout for years. Year in and year out, he has stuck with this five-factor program. The reason why many people fail with their fitness goals is that they are not consistent. They start with high spirits and then give up along the way. 

How Much Does Megan Fox Workout?

Some people believe that you need to exercise every day of the week or at least five days a week to stay fit. That isn’t always the case. Many people will be surprised to realize that Megan only works out two times a week.

  • For someone who is already fit like Fox, working out two times a week is okay so long it is done every week. For a person who isn’t yet fit and is struggling with losing weight, they might need to exercise more maybe up to four times a week.
  • The two times that she works out, she exercises hard. It is better two days of hard exercising than five days wasted on exercises that aren’t impactful.
  • Meghan understands that working out every day is counterproductive since the body needs time to heal and recover.

Megan Fox Diet and Exercise

About 70% of staying fit is about what you eat and this is an area that Megan Fox has excelled in.

  • She follows a tough five-factor eating plan. This allows her to eat five small meals in a day. She combines this strict diet with an exhausting workout routine.
  • Meghan starts off her day with breakfast. This is an important meal for her which she believes should never be skipped. Her breakfast staples include oatmeal, almonds, salmon, and egg whites. She avoids processed foods and obtains all her breakfast calories from vegetables and fruits.
  • She does salmon with rice or Japanese food for lunch. Between lunch and dinner, she will eat two more meals that can be some fruit and protein shakes.
  • She keeps her dinner clean, normally chicken breast with quinoa. 

What about her workout? Megan Fox circuit trains twice a week. She uses mini circuits of up to one hour combining cardio exercises and weight lifting. Other exercises she engages in include spin classes and Pilates.

Is Megan Fox Vegan?

Megan Fox isn’t vegan. However, for about a year and a half starting in 2011, she followed a strict vegan diet that included raw vegetables and fruits. She has since reverted to a diet that includes animal-based products such as meat. 

Megan Fox Favorite Food

She is a big fan of Salmon, which she eats at least once a day. She also loves Japanese food because it is tasty and light. 

HerFavorite Supplements

A good diet isn’t enough; this is a fact that Fox understands, that is why she supplements her diet. She likes protein shakes. She supplements with a plain protein shake or smoothies. Proteins are important for building muscles which helps in weight loss.

  • Meghan also uses fish oil supplements. These have omega-3 fatty acids that are needed for healthy brain functioning. They also help in enhancing mental health by fighting stress and depression.
  • Silica is a must-have supplement for Megan Fox. Silica enriches the skin and promotes healthy hair, no wonder Meghan has great skin and hair.


She fills up with smoothies.  Fox keeps her carbohydrates low but she gives herself the freedom to enjoy fresh fruit smoothies occasionally. Her favorite is the red fruit smoothie. 

Does Megan Fox Drink & Smoke?

Megan Fox managed to successfully quit drinking and smoking. She stopped drinking alcohol after the 2009 Golden Globes. She was motivated to do that because of an undesirable drunken experience she had in the event caused by drinking too much champagne.

  • Megan considers quitting drinking and smoking as one of the best decisions she has made in her life. It has enabled her to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain her great shape and toned thighs.

Does Megan Fox Eat Paleo?

She credits the paleo diet with helping her lose weight after the birth of her second child. She gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy and with the help of paleo; she lost the weight in only five months.

Does Megan Fox Eat Dairy?

Megan once revealed that she quit dairy to lose the baby weight. One of Megan’s biggest fitness secrets is not eating dairy. She said that dairy negatively impacts hormones and isn’t good for losing weight. 

Megan Fox Measurements

Megan Fox is strikingly beautiful. Her height is always the focus of her fans. She stands at 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches.) She weighs only 52 kg which is to be expected considering her strict five-factor diet plan and a tough workout program.

Fox admitted that she is at times insecure about her body. However, with the progression of time, she has gained more confidence in her body.

Megan has the assets that make her suitable for the role of a popular and hot girl in a movie and music video. She has a slim and petite figure with a waist size of 56 cm and a chest size of 86 cm. Her breasts are natural; she has never done breast implants. Her breast size is 34 inches with a B cup size. 

Megan Fox Net Worth

As of 2021, she is worth around $8 million. Megan’s highest-grossing film is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other films that have made her a lot of money include TheTransformers franchise and The Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

  • Apart from acting, Fox has made money from being a writer and producer. She produced the 2018 documentary, Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox

Megan’s Instagram

Megan Fox is big on Instagram with over 16 million followers. She is very active and constantly posts new photos. 

Does She Have a Husband & Children?

She was first married to Brian Austin Green in 2010. Together, they have three sons. They divorced in 2020 after ten years of marriage. She has been in a relationship with singer and biggest rock star Machine Gun Kelly since June 2020.

The Bottom-Line

For someone who wants to be fit, there is a lot that can be learned from Megan Fox. She believes in consistently working out. This is the key to losing weight.  Following her nutritional plan or something close to that can help someone who is struggling to lose weight. From Megan’s story, it is apparent that some foods should be avoided including processed foods.

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