The Most Amazing Celebrity Confessions About Intimate Life

Everyone loves a juicy celebrity story; when there’s a new bit of gossip doing the rounds, social media is buzzing with excitement. 

And there’s nothing that gets attention more than a celeb’s personal life, with fans clamoring for every dirty detail they can find. Sadly you won’t find famous people on a regular online dating site, so you’ll need to look further afield. The good news is that there are some celebrities who don’t seem to mind obliging, giving out some seriously saucy stories about their exploits. 

We’ve done the digging on your behalf: here are some of the most incredible celebrity confessions about intimate life.

Jack Black

Jack Black’s confession isn’t especially explicit, but it’s something that’s still very taboo in many people’s opinion. 

Jack is into feet, in a very big way. The star confessed that he loves to stare at women’s feet, especially the heel area. He once told Playboy magazine that when a woman wears flip-flops, sandals, or clogs, it “does something to him.” But the most erotic sight for the actor is a woman’s bare feet.

Nick Lachey

It’s not just Jack Black that finds the foot area arousing as ex-Back Street Boys star Nick Lachey admits to wearing women’s shoes. 

During his marriage to Jessica Simpson, he said that he often wore her shoes for some kinky fun – and that it was something they both enjoyed. 

Joel Schumacher

One of the most respected directors of all time, Joel Schumacher has a phenomenal list of credits to his name. His films include mega-hits such as Batman Forever, The Lost Boys, and St Elmo’s Fire. 

Now aged 82 and with such a prestigious career, it’s perhaps not a surprise that Joel has enjoyed more than his fair share of hookups. The director admits that he’s lost count of the number of women he’s slept with but estimates that it’s somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000! 

It’s hard to imagine the number of flings he could have if he used the perks of modern technology available nowadays, with all the online dating platforms and apps for free sex existing on the internet. He could register an account on any dating platform for casual encounters and arrange dozens of dates per day! Women should feel relieved by the fact that online dating wasn’t too common at the time of Joel’s youth…

Schumacher went on to add that he “doesn’t think that number of partners is unusual.” Wowsers!

Robert Downey Jr

The Iron Man star is a seducer with hordes of women all over the world who would willingly pleasure the actor all night long – but he prefers a bit of solo action. 

Robert Downey Jr said that he loves nothing more than to masturbate for hours, going all night long sometimes. Describing himself as a “compulsive, serial masturbator,” he has no regrets, saying it was “the best.: 

Jada Pinkett Smith

The actress hit the headlines fairly recently for her affair confession while she and husband Will Smith were “on a break.” However, during her Red Table Talk show, she admitted that she’s previously had other issues with intimacy. 

Prior to getting together with Will, Jada enjoyed pornography rather too much. She joked that if she was “still on my porn game,” she’d have been able to put together a great compilation of hot shows.

Despite loving porn, Jada had to take a step back as she recognized that her interest in watching these videos had started to become a little bit too obsessive.

Ricky Martin

The Latino singer likes to bang – and he is pretty happy in talking about it too. 

Most celebrities keep quiet about their kinkiest pleasures, but Ricky was happy to tell all about his love for golden showers. Apparently, he particularly enjoys them when he’s in the shower, too, because of the difference in temperature. 

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon, the ex-spouse of Mariah Carey, let slip some bedroom secrets from the eight years of their marriage. 

The diva singer is known for having an overinflated ego, and that’s backed up by her ex-husband’s confession that they liked to get intimate listening to her music. To be fair, though, it seems as if Cannon got as much a kick out of it as Mariah as he also confessed to masturbating to her music when he was alone. 

DJ Khaled

A record executive, writer, and actor, DJ Khaled started his career as a regular DJ in the 1990s before his gradual rise to fame. As well as releasing multiple studio albums, he’s appeared in blockbuster hits such as Spies in Disguise and Bad Boys Forever and has written a top-selling book. 

However, what really grabbed the public attention was his admission that he doesn’t believe in pleasing his partners orally. Describing himself as “the don…the king…” he insisted that women had an obligation to get intimate on him despite his refusal to reciprocate. 

Amazingly enough, his now-wife Nicole Tucker doesn’t seem to have a problem with his outrageous views or the lack of sexual effort on his part. They married in 2009 and now have two children together. 

The Secret Lives of Celebrities

Wafting around looking glamorous all of the time, celebritys’ personal life is a subject that is endlessly tantalizing. Thankfully, we don’t have to rely on speculation as plenty of stars are willing to dish the dirt on what they enjoy. 

Whether it’s kinky feet, golden showers in the shower, or getting jiggy to your own songs, it seems as if there’s no limit to what famous folk will get freaky to! 

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