Top Chubby Lesbian Celebrities Hollywood Admires

The openness of modern society is sometimes astounding and, of course, inspiring. What couldn’t be imagined just a few years prior is a new norm, and society has to deal with having not only lesbian celebrities but having them in all shapes and sizes. Appreciating a woman with some curves has come a long way since Rubens painted his most famous pieces, but thought of a woman liking them has been publicly relevant only in recent years. 

And while BBW lesbian movement isn’t that extensive, it has a strong core and famous representatives. Finding a chubby lady similar to your favorite celebrity is easy when LesbieMates is at hand. As per online reviews on this online dating platform, signing up is easy; it doesn’t require a lot of data, and playing exciting hot or not games is one of the features that many appreciate, as it quickly allows to skip the filters and find a celebrity lookalike. But who are the most famous chubby lesbians in Hollywood? Many women want to be like them; other ladies want to date someone like them, so let’s open the curtain!

Sara Ramirez

This butchy queer cutie is most famous for her role in Grey’s Anatomy, ABC’s medical drama about doctors who somehow find time to both cure their patients and manage their love life. After having a one—time appearance as Dr. Callie Torres, it has evolved into a recurring role in the cast, and she even got her own romance story – a bisexual love triangle making open calls to the actress’ own queerness. She’s also famous for her role in the musical Spamalot and a polarizing figure of a comedian/podcaster Che Díaz in Sex and the City and, lately, its spinoff series And Just Like That. She is a major chubby lesbian Hollywood star; Sara Ramirez sets trends for both online and offline dating with her charismatic performances and open queerness. 

Lea DeLaria

She is the living classic of LGBT representation in Hollywood, but that’s not all who Lea DeLaria is: comedian, jazz musician, actress, and, last but not least, a queer activist of the highest caliber, this lady sets an example for the ages. Describing herself as a “big butch dyke”, Lea still found success – and not now, but back in the 90s, when LGBT representation on TV was much smaller and felt vital and empowering. And it doesn’t end there; after multiple appearances on TV, Lea landed a role in a hit show from Netflix: Orange Is the New Black, which got her even more famous and gave her words even bigger reach.

Shannon Purser

Chubby and charming Shannon Purser got famous for her role as a loveable nerd Barbara Holland (more known as Barb), in a super popular Netflix adventure series Stranger Things back in 2016. A lot of things have changed since then. Shannon got curvier landed a few more roles in a respectable number of indie movies before finding her way into CW’s Riverdale. After being accused of queerbating for the stance of her character, Ethel Muggs, Shannon came out as a bisexual. So, she’s a young star, loves girls, and can boast a chubby appearance? A perfect entry for our list.

Sam Jay

Known also as Samaria Johnson, Sam Jay is a rising star on a comedy scene and is a shining example of a successful queer woman of color. She was the only Black lesbian on a writing team of Saturday Night Live, but that wasn’t her peak. Her career, for now, is mostly focused on a stand-up comedy, and she’s got her own special by an HBO. The network was so impressed by how well she did it ordered a whole six episodes of weekly series with her at the helm, named PAUSE with Sam Jay, which has already been extended to the second season! 

Sofie Hagen

The only exception on our list, as Sofie isn’t Hollywood-y, she is Danish, lives in Britain, and got incredibly successful there, though! This bisexual lady works hard being an ambassador for fat acceptance and can be considered not only chubby but a real big and beautiful woman in the full meaning of those words. Having four successful stand-up shows in the last few years, a positively received book, and an army of fans behind her back, Sofie can boast the same level of recognition as Hollywood celebrities we’ve mentioned earlier.

All these beautiful ladies have wonderful curves to their bodies, successful careers in their respective fields, fame, fortune, and an army of loyal fans looking for someone like them on chubby lesbian dating websites. Take them as an example of how there are no limits to what a person can achieve, no matter their social stance, sexual orientation, or looks. Go, girls!