What Are the Chances of Dating a Celebrity?

Most people have had a celebrity crush at some time in their life; it’s a normal part of modern culture. Some married couples even have a “free pass” agreement where they both name a famous person they’re “allowed” to cheat with – should the opportunity ever present itself!

It’s fun to fantasize about getting it on with someone famous – but could it ever be more than a pipe dream? We’re going to delve deeper into the subject and find out whether celebrities and non-celebrities could ever be a true love match.

Celebrities for Celebrities – Stereotype or Reality?

Whether it’s the Oscars or another red carpet event, it’s fun to watch celebrity couples, especially if they don’t normally court publicity. In most cases, the star’s partner is also a celebrity, even if they’re not quite as well-known.

The stereotype of celebrities only dating other celebrities persists for a reason: because to a greater or less extent, it’s often true.

It takes a certain type of person to become a celebrity; not everyone wants their personal life to be splashed all over the media, and their privacy invaded. In fact, for some, this would be such a turnoff that they might end the relationship. Chelsea Davy and Prince Harry are the perfect examples of this. Chelsea dated the royal for seven years, but despite being a confident businesswoman in her own right, the pressure of being in the public eye was simply too much. Prince Harry has since married Meghan Markle, an actress who is much more familiar with media attention.

Even if the non-celebrity in the couple can cope with being thrust into the limelight, there are other pressures that are different than in regular relationships. The fanbase of a celebrity is very important and can determine the success of their career. It’s therefore important to keep the fans happy, and this might mean putting up with constant interruptions or even outrageous flirting. It takes a calm partner to be able to shrug off fans who are making a beeline for their beloved right in front of their eyes!

There’s also the question of where you might meet a celebrity partner. Lots of modern celebrity singles use online dating to find a potential match! For many, it’s replaced chatting up a stranger while on a night out, since oftentimes famous people want to keep their romantic relationships private. They usually register on any suitable dating service and just start chatting with anyone they want. So if you want to date a celebrity but have no idea of where to go first, consider taking advantage of online dating platforms. These usually offer a quick and easy registration process, a range of useful features that can help you choose potential matches of a certain appearance, background, etc., and also the ability to talk in a private chat.

The Lucky Ones: Celebrities with Non-Famous Partners

All of this might sound thoroughly depressing if you were hoping to bag yourself a celebrity romance but fear not! Although it’s certainly much harder to date a celebrity if you’re not famous yourself, it’s not completely impossible. You’ll need to be persistent and have a thick skin, but if you’re willing to put up with all the negatives, you could end up enjoying a wonderful romance with a gorgeous star.

If that sounds unlikely, just take a look at these couples who have proven that it’s possible to beat the odds.

  • George and Amal Clooney

George Clooney was famous for dating all of the beautiful women in Hollywood and was such a confirmed bachelor; he even took bets on whether he would ever marry. There wasn’t a single woman in the whole of the film industry who held his interest for long enough to consider marriage – and then he met Amal.

A renowned human rights lawyer, Amal was well known in legal circles but not a celebrity or recognizable to the general public. Clooney was bewitched by her combination of stunning good looks and intelligence. They married in 2014 and in 2017 welcomed twin babies into the world.

  • Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe

Eddie Redmayne is an actor that many will recognize from the Fabulous Beasts films, which were based on JK Rowling’sHarry Potter books. Although Redmayne will have undoubtedly had the chance to rub shoulders with the Hollywood elite, he’s a happily married man.

Redmayne met his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, at Eton College when introduced by pals at a charity event. She is not in the film industry and never has been, instead carving out a successful career as a financial publicist.

The pair got married in 2014 and had a daughter, Iris, in 2016, followed by a son, Luke, in 2018. Their relationship had stood the test of time, despite Redmayne becoming an even bigger star than when they first met and Hannah staying out of the limelight.

See? Even if it seems that your intention of dating a celebrity is just a dream doomed to remain a fantasy, you can always at least try to draw their attention and see what happens next! But even if your desire to win a date with a celebrity is an idée fixe, always remember to respect their privacy and personal boundaries.

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